Water spinach
Today Thai Foods Blog offer how to cooking Water spinach or name in Thai Food is  Pad Pak Boong. This is my recipes when I go to Nong-Kai .
Taste and health benefits: the taste of fresh air to drive the toxin neutralization tired drunk, morning glory, white, 100 grams of energy to the body 22 kilo calories of fiber, 101 grams of calcium, 3 mg Phosphorus 22 mg Iron 3 mg Vitamin 11447 IU Vitamin B is 0.06 mg. two 0.17 mg thiamin, niacin, vitamin C 1.3 mg 14 mg.

The food: the morning glory plant's output throughout the year and during the rainy season. Thai people are cooking all morning glory is grown and sold in the market across all seasons. Morning glory vegetables cooked food types from eating soft as fresh or steamed, boiled, and topped with coconut milk and eaten with liquor to the sauce eaten as a vegetable with beef this little salad and soft and leaves to cook foods such as fried. fresh fish, chicken, pork. Or stir-fried with chili and pork. It also led to a sour curry, roast beef, etc. In addition, morning glory can be preserved and put to cook a curry, fried rice, mixed vegetables, eaten with liquor, morning glory, pickled or used as paste and so on.

- Indications of Water spinach.

Properties of the drug: cold, morning glory, taste properties neutralize toxic drug it roots unpalatable tasteless neutralize poisonous properties. Water spinach, or to maintain the element properties neutralize the appetite as morning glory, morning glory, especially those who like a red eye redness or itching eyes often have eyes as well as UEFA straw. Such a clear eye to eye care and eye makes the stomach.

Next How to cook Water spinach recipes(Pad Pak Boong in Thai Food)

Recipes :
            1 pound water spinach
                1 tablespoon olive oil
                1 tablespoon sugar
                4 tablespoon water pure
                4 fresh paprika              
                5 garlic cloves, chopped             
                1 teaspoon peeled and minced fresh ginger             
                1 teaspoons soy sauce             
                1 teaspoon fish sauce             

1. Take Water spinach to the water to drain away and clean. Put the basin.

2. Garlic, peeled and chopped it off into a clean break.

3. Paprika left flush put the connector rods.

4. Garlic and paprika advantage provided to the Water spinach.

5. Add oyster sauce to 2 tablespoons black bean paste 1 cup short-short by the teaspoon sugar 4 tablespoons water short

6. Pan clean, heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil on high heat until a few mins. The basin, Water spinach and mix it up straight. If the hot oil. Heat wok over high heat, but it will actually cut the chicken into the pan, but that does not exceed 5 at my 2-3-4 immediately turn off the stove. Do not wait for it to shrink my pan card. Because it was still hot. I drew up on a plate. Frozen vegetables in the pan will wilt. Otherwise, Water spinach, fried crisp and green, it is not pretty to eat.

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