Friday, November 11, 2011

Pratat-Klang-Nam : Nong Khai

Thai Foods Blog will introduce the nature place is Nong Khai province northeast of Thailand. The images as below name place is Pratat-Klang-Nam (Small relics or relics water).  The elements that are broken in the middle of the Mekong River. It is enshrined relics has taken away the nine who according to legend, he rang the elements (the hill) from the survey in the water of 

Archaeology, Part 7 that the Lord has a base width of 17.2 meters in recess at the base and a height of 28.5 meters. broken into three pieces believed to be around 20-22 century Buddhist relics have shaped up over the most The book chronicles the 70 noted that "the relics Nong Khai was open (down) on the ninth lunar month, ninth year, AD 2390" and undercut banks were seen as relics near the center of the Mekong River.

From. The Tourism Authority of Thailand.

I take photo when near Pratat-Klang-Nam

When stay long view

Panorama  Shot

Photo & Story by Thai Foods Blog


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